I'm excited to offer Honors to South Bend High School ninth-graders this 2019-20 school year. 

    Based on the student and parent interest, there is one section of Honors offered this year. 

    Introductory Materials: 

    Student-Parent letter

    Honors 9 Expectations, Agreement, & Application


    Summer Reading:

    Reyna Grande-The Distance Between Us: A Memoir (2013)
    "When Reyna Grande’s father leaves his wife and three children behind in a village in Mexico to make the dangerous trek across the border to the United States, he promises he will soon return with enough money to build them a dream house. His promises become harder to believe as months turn into years. When he summons his wife to join him, Reyna and her siblings are deposited in the already overburdened household of their stern, unsmiling grandmother. The three siblings look out for themselves; in childish games, they find a way to forget the pain of abandonment and learn to solve very adult problems. Eventually, a reunion between parents and children begins a dramatic new chapter in Reyna’s life."

    *Students have been given a copy of the text and Google Classroom access to materials and a discussion group for the readings.

    *Required graphic organizer assignment: Character's key quotes and comparisons of Reyna's homes

    *An open-note, open-book essay will be written in class to show comprehension of the readings. 

    *Optional vocabulary materials:   Book 1: Prologue-Chapter 6, Ch. 7-13,  Ch. 14-20, Book 2: Prologue-Ch. 8Ch.9-16, Ch. 17-Epilogue, Quizlet

    *Optional Discussion questions through Google Classroom.  Appropriate Netiquette expected

    These materials were adapted from Huntington High School's 2017 summer readings and a curriculum guide written by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer.