Background about the AP English Literature and Composition course.
    Background about the AP English Language and Composition course.
    Take a survey about your interest in Honors 10 (Pre-AP) and AP classes. 
    Join us at the student and parent meeting in the South Bend School District Library
    on Wed., May 20, 6:30-7:30 p.m. 
    Some expectations for all students enrolling in AP classes:
    1) Meeting skill entry requirements
    2) Communicating and behaving with the integrity and self-discipline expected in a college-level course
    3) Completing Summer Reading
    4) Reading and/or writing nightly homework
    5) Purchasing some texts
    6) Accessing and using technology frequently for assignments 
    7) Discussing authors', peer, and own writings with an analytical approach 
    8) Taking the AP exam
    9) Signing and accepting the terms of the Honors/AP agreement