• 6th Grade Google Classroom Link 


    6th grade will be working through Google Classroom. To access the classroom go to google.com or click the link below. See you in class!




Music Resources for All Ages

  • Welcome to the music resource page. While school is in virtual classrooms, students of all ages can still enjoy music at home. Music will return when school resumes a traditional 7 period model. 

    TED BROWN RENTAL STUDENTS: If you rent your instrument from Ted Brown, you are welcome to drop off your instrument to be returned to the company. 



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    I will be updating my YouTube channel with videos for all grade levels throughout the school closure. Go my channel using the link below and here are the description of the playlists that I made.   

    4th-12th Grade Music Playlist

    These videos are selected for students who play instruments to be inspired by collegiate and professional musicians. There will also be videos about the making of instruments and in

    Movie Music Behind the Scenes

    While I've been watching Frozen (repeatedly) at home with my children, I thought this playlist would be something to shoe the behind the scenes of a animated movie. Some videos show actors singing or even musicians playing their instrument for the movie score. 

    Elementary Music Movement Videos

    Though the link is provided on the blog, I have posted the eurythmic movement videos on the YouTube Channel. 

    Zumbini: Zumbini is a great program to have your child move to the beat and explore different ways to move to music for the age of 6 and younger (babies and toddlers would definitely enjoy the movement part). If you have musical instruments and scarves around make for the videos more fun but not neccessary. The videos explore music movement along with a story time and don't be afraid to sing along!

    Notekins: Though I found this show on Babyfirst (you might have seen it before there), this is a great video for 1st Grade and younger to learn different instruments, tempo (fast and slow), dynamics (loud and quiet), and pitch (high and low). There are many instruments that the Notekins will meet such as harmonica, piano, triangle, clarinet, flute, trumpet, and many more. 

    Story Time with Mrs. Lanka

    I will be reading stories so that students can see a familiar face while school is not in session. 

    Music Time with Mrs. Lanka

    I will be producing videos of music games that I have taught in class so students can play while they are home. I definitely miss teaching your student!


    I will be posting ballets, musicals, and other music cartoons in this playlist.

  • K-6 Music Ideas

    I am posting YouTube videos that I can't post on my Channel on this resource page. 


    These videos are listening story videos that students can act out. To have fun with these videos, students will need to listen to the directions given by the music teacher. As the students act out the directions, music theory such as dynamics (loud and quiet), pitch (high and low), rhythm, and tempo (fast and slow) will be taught through movement. My students always love it when I play these videos as a game reward. Great for students K-3. 

    Music Express

    Music Express are great videos for dancing with well known songs. Each song is choreographed for students 1st grade and older (even JH may like these). Make sure children have lots of space to move. I have posted some of the videos that we have done in class and some new ones.


    Also known as ABC Kid TV, Cocomelon are great animated videos of childrens songs. These videos are perfect for children even up to 2nd grade  to sing along. Songs can come in collections or individual with words on the screen for children to follow along. 


  • 5-12 Band Lesson Links Below

    (16 Links)

  • Music Games

    (Music Theory Learning For 3rd Grade-12th Grade)



    Helpful Hints to Make the Games More Successful

    -Some Games Will Use Treble Clef Only or Bass Clef Only

    • Treble Clef Instruments: Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet
    • Bass Cleff Instruments: Trombone, Baritone

    -Don't Know the Notes? Research "Notes of the Staff" 

     -Rhythm Beats:

    • Quarter Note/Quarter Rest (1 Beat)
    • Half Note/Half Rest (2 Beats)
    • Whole Note/Whole Rest (4 Beats)
    • Eighth note pair (1 Beat)
    • Single Eighth Note (1/2 Beat)
    • Sixteenth Note Group (1 Beat)
    • Single Sixteenth Note (1/4 Beat)

  • Professional Players That Are Worth Listening 


    • James Galway
    • Hubert Laws
    • Jeanne Baxtresser
    • Jasmine Choi
    • Jonathan Keeble
    • Bonita Boyd
    • Denis Bouriakov
    • Erin Bouriakov
    • Emanuel Pahud
    • Paula Robison
    • Ransom Wilson  
    • Jean-Pierre Rampal  
    • Nicole Esposito  
    • Jim Walker  
    • Nicola Mazzanti (piccolo)  
    • Jim Walker  
    • Claire Chase  
    • Greg Patillo


    • Sabine Meyer  
    • Martin Frost  
    • Charles Neidich  
    • Corrado Giuffredi  
    • Robert Spring  
    • David Shifrin  
    • Jose Franch-Ballester  
    • Richard Stoltzman 
    • Cornelius Boots (bass clarinet)  
    • Jon Manasse  
    • Julian Bliss  
    • Jay Niepoetter (bass clarinet)  
    • Michael Lowenstern (bass clarinet)


    • Tim McAllister  
    • Fred Hemke  
    • Donald Cinta  
    • Marcel Mule  
    • Sigurd Rascher  
    • Larry Teal  
    • Branford Marsalis 
    • Sigurd Rascher
    • Marcel Mule  
    • Eugene Rousseau  
    • Donald Sinta  
    • Claude Delangle  
    • Chris Creviston  
    • Kenneth Tse  
    • Otis Murphy  
    • Prism Quartet (sax quartet)
    • Capitol Quartet (sax quartet)  
    • H2 Quartet (sax quartet)  
    • Joe Lulloff  
    • Arno Bornkamp  
    • Clifford Leeman  
    • Julia Nolan  
    • Connie Frigo  
    • Taimur Sullivan
    • James Houlic


    • Miles Davis  
    • Dizzy Gillespie  
    • Clifford Brown  
    • Louis Armstrong  
    • Allison Balsom  
    • Wynton Marsalis  
    • Allen Vizzutti  
    • Bud Herseth  
    • Philip Smith  
    • Tine Thing Helseth  
    • Sergei Nakariakov  
    • Maurice Andre  
    • Jens Lindeman  
    • Rafael Mendez  
    • Doc Severensen  
    • Gerard Schwarz  
    • Ray Mase  
    • Ole Edvard Antonsen
    • Chris Botti  
    • James Morrison  
    • Esteban Battallan  
    • David Bilger  
    • Hakan Hardenberger  
    • Thomas Hooten  
    • Chris Martin  
    • Thomas Rolfs  
    • Michael Sachs
    • Guiliano Sommerhalder


    • Abbie Conant  
    • Christian Lindberg  
    • Mark Lawrence    
    • Joe Alessi    
    • James Markey  
    • Ko-Ichiro Yamamoto    
    • Toby Oft    
    • Jorgen van Tijen    
    • James Pugh
    • Mark Hetzler    
    • Marshall Gilkes  
    • Michael Davis    
    • Zoltan Kiss  
    • Hames Morrison 
    • Trombone Unit Hannover (Tbn ensemble)  
    • Washington Trombone Ensemble  -  
    • Columbus State University Trombone Ensemble  -  
    • High Anxiety Bones (Tbn quartet)  -  
    • Four of a Kind (trombone quartet)
    • Westfalisches Posaunenquartett


    • Brian Bowman    
    • Steven Mead    
    • Adam Frey    
    • David Werden   
    • Childs Brothers    
    • Toro Miuro  
    • Gail Robertson   
    • Domondrae Thurman    
    • Neal Corwell


    • Evelyn Glennie    
    • Ivan Trevino   
    • JiHye Jung    
    • Ian Rosenbaum  
    • Anika Nilles  
    • Keiko Abe (marimba)   
    • Neil Percy  
    • Alan Abel  
    • Nigel Thomas
    • Julia Gaines  (marimba)  
    • Ivan Trevino (marimba)  
    • Mark Ford (marimba)


    • Count Basie  
    • Shelly Berg  
    • Dave Brubeck   
    • Ellis Marsalis Sr.  
    • Ellis Marsali Jr.  
    • Jelly Roll Morton

     Wind Ensembles

    • Dallas Wind Symphony  
    • Northshore Concert Band  
    • Northwestern University  
    • University of North Texas  
    • Eastman Wind Ensemble  
    • Keystone Wind Ensemble
    • University of Texas Austin Wind Ensemble  
    • New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble 
    • Tokyo Kosei Wind Ensemble  
    • President’s Own Marine Band