• Upcoming Event

    South Bend School District will host the 2017 Wall of Fame induction ceremony on September 9, 2017.  The ceremony will be held at the Willapa Harbor Chamber of Commerce at 6:00 pm.

    To help us plan for the ceremony, we are asking people who are planning to attend to RSVP:

    Click Here to RSVP

    You can also call the school district office at 360.875.6041 ext. 5 to RSVP.


    We are trying to locate members of the 1956 boys basketball team, 1963 boys track team, and 1972 boys basketball team as we will have framed certificates for each team member or family.  Though we will not be able to recognize the 20 years of individual badminton players, we will be honoring the program as a whole and long-time coach, Mrs. Koplitz.


    Please contact superintendent Jon Tienhaara with questions at jtienhaa@southbendschools.org


    The 2017 inductees include:

    Della Taylor

    Steve Koplitz

    John Thompson

    1956 Boys Basketball Team

    1963 Boys Track Team

    1972 Boys Basketball Team

    South Bend High School Badminton Program


    The Wall of Fame will also be named, "Ben B. Cheney Wall of Fame".


    As we are trying to locate team members, please feel free to reach out to people you know who were members of these teams.  Team rosters for the basketball teams and track team are below.  


    1956 Basketball Team                              1972 Basketball Team

    Tom McCutchan                                          Ed Jouper

    Mike Horne                                                  Mike Carl

    Leroy Nevers                                               Ollie St. Clair

    Bob Lorentson                                             Doug Blakely

    LeRoy Johnson                                           Mike Bailey

    Marv Clements                                            Mike Taylor

    Jerry Coma                                                  Phil Davis

    Don Newton                                                 Dan Cearns

    Doug Petit                                                    Gordy Lynn

    Mel Frank                                                     Mike Morris

    Jim Coulter – Mgr.                                        Steve Koplitz

    Dick Mason – Head Coach                          Don Koplitz - Head Coach

    Bill Peterson – Asst. Coach                         Dick McGovern, Asst. Coach


    1963 Track Team

    George Esveldt

    Dave Lentz

    Arnold Ariss

    Dennis Wasberg

    Don Kaye

    Kurt Esveldt

    Jim Remington

    Armine Mullins

    Mike Stearns

    Don Lagergren

    Larry Hill

    John Moseley

    Leonard Smith

    Jim Barnum

    Sam Shattuck

    Rich Pearson

    Bob Ogilvie

    Norton Moe

    John Barnum

    Sam Lunke

    Terry Rhoades

    Jeff Stearns

    Dan Needham

    Harry Trask

    Greg Ginther

    Terry Lorentson

    Steve Newton

    Doug Patterson

    Don Prior

    Ron Beatty

    Don Weisel – Head Coach

    Coach Smethers – Asst. Coach