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    Unlock Your Child’s Potential

    Your child deserves the highest quality education possible. That’s why Pacific Virtual Learning has partnered with Pearson, a leading education company that has provided virtual instruction to students worldwide for more than a decade.

    Together, we provide a flexible, personalized experience that engages students and improves learning outcomes for your child. We link teachers, hundreds of courses and classmates using a powerful, online education platform to tailor learning to each student's needs, talents, interests, and learning style. It's a different approach to learning, and an excellent alternative for homeschooling, for families looking for a different kind of education.

    Why Choose Pacific Virtual Learning?

    • We empower learning anytime, anywhere
    • Curriculum that engages students with videos, LiveLessons and multimedia instructional tools
    • Personalized instruction provided by certified teachers online
    • Individual attention and extra help when your student needs it
    • Opportunities for socialization, community and friendships
    • A connection to the community and diploma from the South Bend School District

    Whether your child needs a non-traditional education, the freedom to pursue other interests, or a second chance to receive a high school diploma, our school can provide the flexibility needed to achieve his or her goals.

    Families who reside in the state of Washington.

    Please call 888-418-7662 to learn more or start the enrollment process or ⇒ click here for more information.

    Pacific Virtual Learning
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